Monday, 9 January 2012

Random images

random sketch done in the south of france.
Jon on my wedding day (painted for fun from a photo in the back of my sketch book) I think I owe him an apology!
Deerhouse acrylic sketch

Old oil sketch of sky and hills in lake district, very random!
As I look through my art it is obvious and juvenile much of it, I also think I still have that approach too.
I have never really developed any real art style, and often just paint/draw what I see.
I don't mind so much, it gives me great pleasure and I guess thats what it's all about.
Maybe when I get time (when do we ever get time?) I can do a run of paintings that show progression.
I have plans but while the kids are young and RWs is all consuming I'm stuffed.

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coast and house

2 paintings I finished for friends.